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Morocco Desert Challenge 2019

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E. Jacinto: Morocco Desert Challenge Rally has started

The Portuguese pilot Elisabete Jacinto and the Bio-Ritmo® team held today in Agadir the administrative and technical checks of the Morocco Desert Challenge rally. This is the day dedicated to the control of all the documentation required by the organization as well as the technical compliances of all vehicles admitted in the race. The Portuguese trio, composed by Elisabete Jacinto, José Marques and Marco Cochinho, align at the start of this great event with the race number 506.


The day took place in a relaxed atmosphere, and the teams had the time to establish some friendly relationships before the start of the rally.

The Portuguese, who participate at the wheel of a MAN TGS, have as main objective for this competition the achievement of a place at the podium of the truck category. However, although they acknowledge that there are many difficulties in this race, especially the ones regarding to the routes that the organization of the competition presented, they believe that it is possible to fight for a good classification: “what impresses me the most in this race is not only the number of trucks that are present, but their level of preparation. Each of them is a showcase of the team's ability to prepare. If the level of progress in the race is equivalent ... this race promises to be quite disputed”, revealed Elisabete Jacinto.

The first stage of the Morocco Desert Challenge starts tomorrow at the legendary Plage Blanche, 250 kilometers from Agadir, and ends at Icht. There will be completed 387 timed kilometers in a stage where will dominate the fast and technical passages and will alternate with sandy routes. The biggest difficulties of the day will be in the crossing of the Draa, which is dry for most of the year and has very complex routes to overcome. To reach the Plage Blanche competitors will have to travel about 200 km, so the whole stage will exceed 600 km.

Anabela Martinho,

Marie-France Estenave pour MFE-Live.com

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