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  • Merzouga Rally 2018, c'est parti !

    Le Dakar Series Merzouga Rally revient en 2018 et se déroulera du 15 au 20 Avril prochain. Moto/Quad/SxS, ne manquez pas l’occasion de participer à un rallye formateur et ouvert à tous !

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  • Hearts of Morocco Etape 5: Besson toujours leader

    Jean-Pascal Besson conserve l’avantage au Hearts of Morocco à l’issue de l’étape 5. Il possède un coussin d’avance sur Marc Bonnafoux (Springbok) et Jean-Luc Buiez, troisième au volant d’un Bowler.

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  • Africa Eco Race: Des nouveautés sur le parcours

    Après quatre semaines et plusieurs milliers de kilomètres à sillonner les pistes du Maroc, de Mauritanie et du Sénégal, l’équipe de reconnaissance de l’Africa Eco Race est rentrée d’Afrique début octobre avec de bonnes nouvelles concernant le parcours 2018.

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Silk Way 2017

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Baja in India: Good start for Joaquim Rodrigues

Joaquim Rodrigues of Portugal, gave a good start to the Hero MotoSports Team Rally’s India BAJA campaign. The Day 1 of India BAJA comprised of a total run of 502 km in the deserts of Jaisalmer, of which special stages made up the 290 kms and the remaining 212 kms made up the transportation sections.


The four special stages of 74 km, 81 km, 52 km and 81 km took the competitors around the tricky desert stretches of Asutar and Banda, known for fesh-fesh, steep dune crossings and fast tracks.
Joaquim Rodrigues made a blazing run to complete the 74-km first special in the 1st place and followed it up by continuing his winning run in the remaining 3 stages as well. The final timings were not available yet but as per the provisional general classifications, Joaquim Rodrigues finished the Day 1 of India BAJA by winning all the 4 stages. Riding for the first time in India, Rodrigues was a spectacle to watch for the budding Indian riders as he tackled these conditions with skill and maturity while clocking in impressive timings as well.
The second and the final leg of India BAJA will task the riders with a shorter 286 km run around the dune stretches of Sam, out of which 140 km will be timed section. The day two is expected to bring the first ever Dakar Challenge Rally in India to an exciting close with two winners emerging – the winner of the overall India BAJA rally and from amongst those riders who have not participated in the Dakar Rally before, the winner of the free entry to the Merzouga and the Dakar Rally.
Joaquim Rodrigues (Comp No: 01), said “Today was a good race for me and our Hero MotoSports Team Rally. The bike’s performance was awesome today as it took me safely to the end. I am really happy with the result today and now we are going to get ready for the final day tomorrow”    

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Marie-France Estenave pour MFE-Live.com

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